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The following specifications are binding for the organiser and must be integrated into the contract. Please contact us in good time should anything be unclear or in case of technical problems.

Height of room:

Minimum 6m (23 ft) above the stage / playing area. There must be a clear line of sight at this height, unobstructed by spotlights or stage surrounds etc. .


The trapeze is suspended either over the stage facing the spectators, over the ring, or in the auditorium. The following specifications apply:
A joist or beam, or two fixed points 80 cm (31 in.) apart.

Minimum load: 1000 kg (2200 lb.) or twice 500 kg (1100 lb.) Distance between two points: 90cm (2.95 feet)

Height: 6,5 - 7,5 m (21 - 25 ft).

If there is no fixed point of attachment below 27 ft available, then after consultation with us a ceiling bar anchored on four sides must be installed. We will supply the equipment required for this.

The must be no other ropes, struts, spotlights etc. within 50 cm (20 in.) of the ropes below the point of suspension.

Performing area:

A clear, level area of at least 3m by 3m (10 ft by 10 ft) is required beneath the trapeze. If the trapeze is mounted in the auditorium, there must be clear access to the area below it.


There must be adequate lighting from all sides, preferably from diagonally below the trapeze. This is especially important if the trapeze is mounted away from the usual playing area.

For safety reasons a lighting check before the performance is imperative.

Stage hands:

A stage hand is required during the performance to lay out the mat supplied by us and to remove the ladder.

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